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Trench Grinder Saves $$$ for Keyspan Energy
A recent 2,700-foot project for Keyspan Energy in Staten Island NY provides an example of the amount of savings that our machine makes possible. The Street Trencher, traveling at a rate of eight feet per minute through four inches of asphalt and 10 inches of concrete was able to save over $18,000.00 in construction costs. These costs were based on time and labor savings in addition to reducing the number of truckloads required to cart the excavated paving material away.
The ground-up materials mean significantly fewer voids, which in turn, translate into more efficient handling of the material and of course fewer truckloads needed. Additional projects with Keyspan have shown similar cost savings to the point where the Street Trencher is becoming a preferred method with certain projects. Keyspan has also acknowledged that the Street Trencher also produces considerably less pavement impact and vibration, which minimizes the risk of damage to nearby utilities.

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New Jersey Natural Gas Company
Edmund Urban - Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
"The only concern I find with this technology is that it works too well…and most installation crews cannot keep up with it".

Chicago Water Department
"It would have taken us five days to do what the Street Trencher did here in three hours".

New Jersey Natural Gas Company
Edmund Urban - Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

"This new technology is the first advancement in utility construction in the last ten years".

VP Danella Construction
"This gives us a better bond than the saw-cut edge".

City of Chicago Permitting
"It is quieter than the saw-cutting and hoe-ramming and it is traffic ready immediately. This is much more convenient for our citizens".


Nash Bros. Construction Inc.
"…it sawcuts, it breaks the material, and you are digging immediately. When you have three or four guys standing around at 30-32 bucks an hour…well you do the math".

21st Century Cable
"We are recommending this to all of our contractors".