STREET TRENCHER Questions & Answers

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Q. How fast does it work?
The Street Trencher can open between 300 and 900 feet per hour. The pace is dependant on the type and thickness of the material being cut.

Q. How wide can it cut?
The Street Trencher can open a trench between 18 inches and 48 inches wide per pass.

Q. How deep can it cut?
The Street Trencher cuts as deep as 22 inches, but a few inches of sub-surfacing material should be included with each cut. This means the Street Trencher is capable of cutting up to 18 inches of surface material.

Q. What types of surfacing material can it cut?
The Street Trencher can cut and grind any kind of surfacing material, including asphalt, brick, and even steel reinforced concrete.

Q. How small does it crush roadway-surfacing material?
The Street Trencher turns any kind of surface material into flowable material that is less than 1" in diameter.

Q. Can the crushed material be used as backfill?
Yes. The Street Trencher turns any surface material into a flowable mixture that is suitable for backfill, thereby eliminating or reducing the need for haul-away and dumping charges.

Q. Is it suitable for downtown streets?
Yes. The Street Trencher is a remarkably agile machine that comes fully equipped with driving, braking, and turn signals. It is also considerably quieter than traditional street cutting techniques such as diamond saw-cutting and hoe-ramming. Chicago's Permitting Board has said the Street Trencher "is much more convenient for our citizens".

Q. How big is the machine?
The Street Trencher is 30' 8" long, 8' 4" wide and 10' 9" high. It has 20" of ground clearance and weighs 38,000 lbs (17240 kg). This means the Street Trencher is easily transportable and does not require extraordinary permits for intercity hauling. More specs

Q. What kind of engine does it have?
The Street Trencher has the power and dependability of a Caterpillar 3196 engine. This 400hp power plant uses a reversible cross-flow cooling system with a hydraulically driven fan. More specs

Q. Is the machine easy to service?
We have taken great pains to ensure that all wear points are both durable and easily accessible. The carbide teeth of the cutting/grinding unit are easy to replace and inexpensive. Pumps and filters on the machine are easy to service through the rear engine house door.

Q. How much do the teeth cost to replace?

Q. How many teeth does the Street Trencher's drum have?
The amount of teeth depends on the size of the drum (18, 24, 36 or 48 inch drums are available).

Q. How often do the teeth need to be changed?
The length of time that a Street Trencher's teeth remain useful varies; depending on the type and depth of the material it is cutting. For extremely hard surfaces, such as reinforced concrete, you can expect to change 60 teeth for every 1000' of cutting. The teeth are easy to change and can be done by the operator.

Q. How do I buy a Street Trencher?
The Street Trencher is only available for leasing. For more information, take a look at the Leasing and Licensing Information page.